Breakwater Preschool

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The community at Breakwater Preschool are very proud of their growing reputation and believe that there are always opportunities for further growth and development in partnerships with families and the wider community.

We strive to create an environment that encourages the children to actively construct their own learning journeys as we believe they are capable, competent and effective learners.

Our aim for each child is to create a sense of belonging where they can feel appreciated, included, confident and connected to others. We value an atmosphere that creates a community in which children’s questions, the families’ expectations and the educators’ knowledge and experience are all heard, respected and considered.

We all have a right to be heard and the children should be empowered so that they feel they can achieve anything they want as the opportunity to learn is everywhere.

Breakwater Preschool provides an inclusive play-based program that supports ever growing opportunities for exploration, discovery, experimentation and development of a wide range of skills which will assist each child in their path to school and beyond.

We understand that each child develops and grows at their own pace and we provide a stimulating, inviting and safe environment for all to shine. We actively promote the conservation of the natural environment and endorse sustainability in an appreciation of nutritional foods, exercise and the beauty of what our world holds.

We believe the family’s knowledge of their child is paramount to our teaching, documentation and planning as we strive to help the children enjoy one of the most important years of their lives.


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201 St Albans Road, East Geelong VIC 3219


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