Leadership Team

Grant Boyd
Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads the strategic and operational service delivery of the Bethany group of services. The CEO is responsible for leading the development and delivery of the Bethany Community Support and Bethany Kindergarten Services Strategic Plan. The CEO is the key leadership role working together with the executive team to be ultimately responsible for the day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the organisation’s long and short-term plans. The CEO is also a member of the BKS Board.

Anneliese Knell
Executive Manager, Bethany Kindergarten Services

The Executive Manager is responsible for the overall management of Bethany Kindergarten Services. The Executive Manager has responsibility for strategic and operational planning while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and standards as they relate to the provision of kindergarten quality standards and programming. The Executive Manager is responsible for building collaborative relationships while driving key service models and directions that are consistent with government policy and which reflect the expectations of stakeholders and the strategic direction of the organisation.

Mehgan Kelly, Catherine O’Hara, Emma Hudson & Kate Noble
Kindergarten Services Managers

The Kindergarten Services Manager oversees the operations of several kindergarten programs within the Bethany Kindergarten Services management group. The Manager provides advice and support to Bethany Kindergarten Services staff to ensure that they operate in accordance with relevant legislation, standards and requirements. The Kindergarten Services Manager, in the context of the National Quality Framework (NQF), promotes a culture of working together to ensure compliance with standards and the delivery of high quality educational programs. The Kindergarten Services Manager ensures that Bethany Kindergarten Services staff work within the context of the organisation’s Vision, Mission and Values. The Kindergarten Services Managers are also Child Safe Champions for the organisation.

Cathy Gordon
School Readiness Pedagogical Leader

The Pedagogical Leader provides support, mentoring and coaching to kindergarten educators across all BKS services as they continuously reflect on and embed quality practices – through active professional development – into their programs for children.